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Welcome to Perseverance Coaching Academy!​

Our mission here at Perseverance Coaching Academy is defined within the Three C's of Development.


  1.  COACH  each individual with the utmost intention, skills, knowledge, and responsibility.

  2. CULTIVATE a community of love, care, and support for each client AND team members every day.

  3. CREATE warriors of life, not just health and fitness robots.

We go above and beyond in serving each other selflessly by applying each one of these principles every day.


Seek + Tell The Truth

Communication and honesty are vital to the function of a productive team. No matter the situation, issue, concern, we always seek to tell the truth and communicate clearly. This enables us to do the best work possible for our clients and each other.

Create Fun

In order to show up each and every day effectively, we need to be able to create fun. This gives us the freedom to be creative, try new things, and develop new possibilities. Having fun in our work will bring us joy and happiness that ripples into our lives outside of the workplace.

Take Extreme Ownership

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At various points of our time together, many situations will arise. Conflict and frustration will spawn as this is unavoidable. Owning up to our mistakes and decisions, no matter the outcome, allows the team and company to effectively improve and function as a single unit in pursuit of our mission together. We work together, not against one another. This applies to each individual, no matter the title or position they hold.


Our Program

We focus on 5 core pillars through our online coaching programs:







Using these 5 core pillars, we deliver our coaching specific to each individual's goals, needs, challenges, schedules, and overall ideal setup. 


After having coached and worked with hundreds of clients, we have found that these 5 pillars are the keys to not just achieving "quick fix" results; but they are the keys in creating long term, habitual change and transformation in not just health and fitness, but each individual's entire life. 


If you want to know more about if and how we can help you achieve your fitness, health, and wellness goals, once and for all, complete our brief application assessment below. Once the application assessment is completed, PCA will contact you within 24 hours to book your fitness assessment call. On this call, we will determine if we would be a good fit to work together and how you too can finally achieve your dream body and ideal healthy lifestyle.


Enrollment into Perseverance Coaching Academy is limited each month to ensure the highest quality service and guaranteed results to each client; therefore, each applicant will go through our assessment and qualification process first, before the applicant can be accurately considered. Note: (The fitness assessment call marks the beginning of the applicant qualification process.)"



"In just 6 months PCA changed everything within our culture and built a champion out of our company"



January 10, 2019

"I Have always dreamed of being like one of those incredible athletes you see on TB and even PCA helped me to live my dream, not only looking better but feeling better too!"


February 10, 2019

"I am so excited to now have my life back.  Thanks to you PCA!"

Terry Porter

Lawyer | December 22, 2019


"It Starts With Mindset"

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